Internet 101: Internet Governance Forum

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brings together people from various stakeholder groups  to address public policy issues related to the internet on an equal footing. The IGF informs and inspires those with policy-making power in both the public and commercial sectors, in spite of the lack of a strategized resolution. 

Delegates discuss, exchange information, and share best practices at their annual meeting. The IGF promotes a shared understanding of how to take advantage of internet trends while also addressing dangers and problems. 

To help you learn more Internet Governance Forum, Nigeria, Nigeria Youth IGF gives you this guide. 

The start of IGF

To enable policy discussions on internet governance issues, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was created. Internet governance aspects, including technical and academic groups, are brought together on an equal basis and through open and inclusive processes. 

This is regardless of whether they represent governments, businesses, or civil society. The UN Secretary-General officially announced the establishment of the IGF in July of that year. Since its inception in October–November 2006, the group has convened every year.

IGF events

It is possible to attend an IGF at any time of the year because the global IGF members meet once a year. Each event provides a unique opportunity for a wide variety of people to come together and brainstorm new ideas. 

People can speak freely on equal footing without fear of penalty because it is not a decision-making body. The IGF, on the other hand, has a major impact on the decisions of those who are building a more diverse internet.

Internet Society Foundation’s IGF Funding Programme

The Internet Society has supported many stakeholders’ internet governance procedures for more than a decade by financing the global IGF and a variety of National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs) and Schools of Internet Governance (SIGs). Due to continuous efforts, IGFs around the world will continue to be a success for many years to come.

Reasons to attend the IGF events

Those in the public and private sectors can benefit from the exchange of ideas and information that takes place at the IGF since members are able to join on an equal basis. Not only this but there are also various benefits of attending an IGF event.

Help shape the future of internet governance

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) aims to enhance internet governance. Instead of negotiating, the greatest approach to get things done is through open discussion and the gathering of many points of view and practices. 

To influence internet policy and practice, you can engage stakeholders from government, industry, technology and civil society throughout the world in discussions and engagements.

Learn about other people’s views

Various stakeholders from all around the world gather to hear about the problems that are important to them at the IGF. All attendees of this event are certain to walk away with a greater knowledge of their own needs, and those of others. They also learn how they can help solve some of the most pressing Internet issues of our time. 

This multi-stakeholder approach has been well received by those who recognise the benefits of working together on an equal basis and in open domains.


Since the Forum is open to all stakeholders, it has a unique quality. People from all walks of life and all sectors of society are welcome to join in this event as equal members of the team. 

The event can focus on open discussions, information sharing, best practice exchange, and capacity building, all which will lead to better policy in the future without having to spend time discussing result texts.

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