NYIGF’s guide to internet governance

Despite comprising one-third of the internet’s user base, young people under 30 remain less represented in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and other bodies that shape the digital agenda. Youth have a special understanding of the digital world, and we believe that they should have a greater say in internet policy and decision-making.

To help the young people of our generation to have a voice in the internet governance sector, Nigeria, Nigeria Youth IGF strives to be the platform to increase awareness and raise the voice of the young people in Nigeria. Also, NYIGF strives to be an open and inclusive platform for all Nigerian young people from all internet stakeholder groups in accordance with the IGF principles.

NYIGF’s agenda

The Nigerian Youth Internet Governance Forum’s goal is to provide a platform where stakeholders from civil society, businesses, technical sectors, and especially the youth actively engage in terms of internet governance. 

We strive to be the place where everyone can continue to discuss challenges and open chances for people to have their voices heard when it comes to the growth of internet policies. We believe that the internet cannot be fully controlled but can be governed in a way that is inclusive and driven by consensus. 

When did internet governance start?

For the first time, internet governance was officially on the diplomatic agenda at the 2003–2005 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). At that point, a number of issues arose.

In some countries, a more narrow definition of the term was desired. In this context, the term ‘critical internet resources’ was used to refer only to their technical management. Others supported a more expansive description such as cybercrime, spam, and e-commerce.

Meanwhile, the private sector was backed by a few countries. It is believed that governments should be in charge of managing internet governance in countries such as China.

Due to these arguments, a multi-stakeholder Internet Governance Working Group was formed, which came up with the definition of internet governance. 

Key principles of internet governance

Since internet governance is linked to various actors, processes, and issues that work together and overlap controls, there are key principles that all must abide by for efficient internet governance. 

Consensus-based governance

An array of stakeholders’ collective knowledge and experience should be included in policy making processes. Consensus should be the basis for decision-making that is based on transparent processes.

Open and inclusive

Achieving successful internet governance outcomes require the involvement of interested and knowledgeable stakeholders in their respective roles and tasks. Stakeholders’ engagement and access to results are also ensured by this method.

Collective stewardship

By working together, stakeholders can ensure that the internet’s long-term viability is ensured through the growth of governance structures and principles that are mutually beneficial.

Evidence-based approach

Discussions, debates, and decisions about Internet governance must be based on objective and empirical data.


There has been a huge increase in innovation and use of the internet because of the open model of internet connections and the growth of internet standards. To ensure that anyone can create a new application on the internet, no central authority should be required to approve it. 

There should also be no restrictions and controls on the freedom of people or groups to create and use new standards, apps, and services on the internet.


Users and the public, rather than a centralised authority, determine whether or not a project succeeds in the internet policy arena. There are many players in today’s internet sector, which is based on the basic principles of the internet. It should have open, transparent, and teamwork processes. Also, the internet’s continued change and growth are dependent on partnership and teamwork.

To know more about internet governance and how it is beneficial, visit our site, Nigeria, Nigeria Youth IGF.

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