Register for 2020 Nigeria Youth IGF Online

The 2020 edition of the Nigerian Youth Internet Governance Forum (NYIGF) is convened by the Nigerian youth Internet stakeholders as part of the 2020 Nigerian Internet Governance Forum in line with the principles of the United Nations Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

This year we meet ONLINE for the annual forum event. 


  1. To provide a platform for Nigerian youth to assess the state of Internet technology in Nigeria and communicate challenges and opportunities to the appropriate stakeholders.
  2. To enable Nigerian youth to learn about the principles of Internet governance and how they can contribute to developing infrastructure, policy, and standards for telecommunications in Nigeria.
  3. To encourage the integration and inclusion of Nigerian youth in national Internet-related public policy meetings and events.

Pre-event webinar on  16 September 2020, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM UTC


  1. Introduction to Internet Governance Principles
  2. Youth participation in Internet Governance

Main Forum event on 23 September 2020, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC

Theme: “Shaping a resilient Internet for societal sustainability”

Pre-event Webinar Agenda:

Main Forum Event Agenda:

The theme for the 2020 NYIGF event “Shaping a resilient Internet for societal sustainability” addresses the need to build strong telecommunication infrastructure, policies, and standards within Nigeria. This has been made obvious from the high dependence on Internet technology in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The following sub-themes for the event will discuss specific issues highlighted by the NYIGF community to map out a way forward for addressing arising opportunities and challenges within the society;

  1. Building capacity of the Nigerian Youth in Web Literacy and ICT Skills in the era of COVID19
  2. Role of the Nigerian Youth in the global Internet Economy
  3. Impact of connectivity on e-businesses and e-commerce in Nigeria
  4. Cyber Security & Cyber Crime – Enabling a secure and sustainable internet for all.


  1. Publish our 2020 youth communique which showcases youth recommendations on the key internet issues encountered within our community
  2. Define and explore avenues through which we can promote the participation of Nigerian youth in both global and local Internet governance processes.


Our organizing committee members are dedicated to creating a safe and enabling online participatory experience for our community members. REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE to receive step-by-step guidelines on how to efficiently connect and participate in the pre-event webinar and the main forum event.


  • ENGAGE with pathways to influence policymaking and contribute to priority setting in the public and private sectors.
  • CONNECT with youth from across Nigeria working to map solutions to complex ICT and digital economy problems and find partners to help put them into action.
  • LEARN through workshops and skill-building seminars with the industry youth experts and take advantage of recorded content to learn at your own pace.